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コスプレ! アイシールド21

Where you don't need to bench 150 lbs to put on a Jersey!

Eyeshield 21 Cosplay
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Wanting to figure out how to make a Devil Bats Jersey or have a great photo of Hiruma locking and loading a Launcher at Sena to share? Then welcome to Eyeshield 21 Cosplay! This LJ community is all about helping fellow fans to make a costume or share a photo inspired from the sports manga by Riichiro Inagaki and Yusuke Murata.

If you got a great Tutorial about how to make Mamori's jacket, we would love to host it here, we also love having photos of fans dressing up as their favorite characters at conventions or to just show off what their hard work at a sewing machine is to be proud of. We would love to see it.

If you are wanting to join us, please do. We would love to have you with us.

We also have a cosplay_sj which is going to be hosting tutorials and photos from fans of their favorite Shonen Jump series.


1. If you have a tutorial, make sure to place it under a LJ cut. Be sure to include the material you used, Pattern information ( Ex: McCall's #8802) and provide a step by step guide. Also, make sure you title it so we can place it under the memories ( Ex: Mamori's school uniform )

2. Be nice and respectable to other users. Creative criticism is allow to help improve the costume ( only if asked...) This is not a Wank community and any user that decides to trash someone's else hard work, will be Banned!

3. This is an Eyeshield 21 themed community, so please keep on topic. If you want to share your pictures of your group cosplaying The Prince of Tennis. That belongs in cosplay_sj. I have no problem of pictures that show members in costume hanging out with other cosplayers that are dressed of a different fandom as long as one of them is cosplaying as a character from Eyeshield 21. ( Ex: Sena posing with Vash and Ichigo.)

4. If you want to share your photos with us, please place them under a LJ cut with the name of the convention, the characters involved and how many pictures. If you don't have a personal site to host your photos, try www.photobucket.com or http://www.cosplay.com/, it's free.

5. If you are selling Eyeshield21 cosplay items ( ex: White Knights gloves)please place any images of the items, the price, shipping costs, an e-mail to contact with and any additional information under a LJ cut.

6. Have Fun!

Mod: jlightstar