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Blog Affiliate

Hello >w<
hmm the community is kinda dead for sometimes but not long enough so i still want to have an affiliate with the livejournal_eyeshield21

so its an extended from sagara_anna's post here http://community.livejournal.com/es21_cosplay/6942.html

I'm one of her team members in that previous blog.. we have a new blog called ES21MYCOS it stands for Eyeshield 21 Malaysian Cosplay


please reply here or prefered at the blog to comfirm affiliation :3

Cosplay from A-kon and Otakon!

Hello Eyeshield fans! I have some cosplay photos for you from Otakon 2009! Some are also from A-kon 20.


School Uniform!Hiruma: thanatoast
Juumonji and Jan Valentine: rizumcbutt
Sho Minamimoto: shadowinari
Football Uniform!Hiruma: sir_madame
Monta: popsiclehands
Sena: JENNY. No LJ.

And here we go!Collapse )

Ogtakon 2009?

Hey cosplayers!

Out of curiosity, are any of you going to Otakon in Baltimore this year? It's next weekend!

If you are, are any of you cosplaying Eyeshield 21? We should definitely meet up. I will even organize a photoshoot if there is enough interest.

Let me know!

Oh, I will be cosplaying Hiruma. You can see pictures of this costume on my cosplay.com account here!


White Knights cosplay

Hi again XDDD I was the one who posted in this community with my Suzuna cosplay (with a Sena) and my Bando Spiders Trio cosplay within the past few months; and now I bring you a White Knights group cosplay ~

Oujou school uniforms + training uniform (Shin)
Myself (Harmony) as Shin | sunset_swish as Sakuraba | col_of_man as Takami | bubblefire as Coach

Click here to see the rest of the photos

PLEASE BE WARNED that there is some mild BL content at the end of this entry - specifically Shin x Sakuraba pairing photos. Thank you :)

~ Harmony

reference section

Ok.. I think the first thing that we need to put up is a reference section. A section where you can find pics of what you are creating if it be a uniform or a prop. Any suggestions of what you would like to see in the section would be grateful...

Reference sectionCollapse )

Posting and info

Ok.. I should first of all mention I have made sagaranna a co-mod ( I still will accept anyone else if they want to be a co mod.)

I been writing out notes on how to improve the community. I think the issues that needs to be address are of course, tutorials but other things like where to find items for your costume or names of professional costumers if you want someone else to make it for you. I know there are members who are in fact from other countries so some tutorials or places may be out of reach for them. I do hope that we can work together to build on these things...

I think the most common issue in Eyeshield cosplay is of course, " How can I get a jersey that looks like the ones from the manga?" Some have taken pre existing jerseys and alter them or made them completly from scratch. I did of course try doing a jersey project through a professional however, I have no clue if I plan to do that again. Then there's the issue of creating a school uniform. ( I been thinking of cosplaying as Unsui but I don't know if they make gi jackets in the colors he wears.)

However, I want to include all of you in the process. so if can suggest anything no matter how small it is... It would help make this community grow.. Heck, I would welcome anyone to show me how to tie the hairwrap Musashi wears with the proper knot in the back. Don't be a stranger.


Bando Spiders Trio cosplay

Hello again! I was the one who recently posted my Suzuna cosplay (with a Sena) to this community, and now, as promised, here are our Bando Spiders school uniform cosplay shots ♥

Myself as Sawai Julie | sunset_swish as Akaba | gn004nadleeh as Koutarou

Click here to see the rest of the photos

We're planning on doing a gazillion ES21 cosplays - pretty much every single team and every uniform ... we'll eventually do the football uniforms for Bando, too. Because we're crazy like that. xD Not sure what our next one will be, but most likely Poseidon or Oujou? Whatever it may be, hope you'll watch out for it too :)

~ Harmony

ES21 cosplay photos.

Okay, me and my friends cosplayed from ES21 at a recent con. ^^ I thought I'd share some photos.

Me - Marco
Elec (not on LJ) - Kotaro
Sieg (also not on LJ) - Akaba


Photos under the cut!Collapse )
Yesterday, the day after Valentine's, there was an Only Event for Eyeshield 21.

Thus, I went through EVERYTHING (I applied for cosplay on that event on line for us) and dragged a very unwilling layann with me, who had a lot of fun in the end, to that little event.

In detail, this Only Event opened his doors at 11h (officially) - we arrived a little later - at the KFC Hall Annex Ryougoku and from 11h to 15h you could only buy doujinshi and redress in your costumes (if you had an application). You could buy a plastic bag with a programm for 500Yen, there was a wall where you could vote for your favorite Character (1st Hiruma, 2nd Sena, 3rd Musashi (!) ) and there was a little tombola where you could win team-specific-prices (they had earplugs for Bando and a banana case for Deimon for example). Everything was fun, because even though people stared at us, they didn't stare at us in a "Ugh, foreigners"-way, like old people do because they are surprised to see foreigners in not-so-popular parts of Japan/Tokyo, but more in a suprised "Wow! Foreigners! Here? That's great!"

Not to mention layann's popularity. (Try a "Hiruma cosplay"-search on google.) Also, we were the only ones who cosplayed (the most popular pairing) Musashi and Hiruma. There were TONS of Hirumas and even another Musashi, but not together. THAT was another plus.

At exactly 15h they cleared the room of the tables and at 15:30, you were allowed to take pictures. Around 16:30-17h, everybody was asked to take place in a big group picture and well, this is the result:

More pictures here.
Whoops, I totally forgot to post here XDDDD

Hi everyone!! First time posting here :D

Just thought I'd share a few cosplay photos. To be honest I don't actually ship Sena/Suzuna, but I still think they're generally very cute as a pair of friends. So in the spirit of Valentine's Day:

itakoaya as Sena (secretary outfit)
Harmony (myself) as Suzuna (first outfit).

Click here to see the rest of the photos